Alpha/Beta Legacy Spacecraft

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 Aircraft (Non-Space)

 BB-Bomber & BB-Transport



 Quasi, VTOL 



 UFO Crane 



 UFO mk7 VTOL (mods)





 Eris Monopropellant Capsule



 Gemini Replica 

 -Prior Attempt


 Kerbal Launch System K.L.S.



 Spider V2



Union Spacecraft



Landers (Landings)


 Apollo Replica (mods)

 -Prior Attempt


screenshot98Constellation Replica



 Duna Explorer



 Inflatable-Habs Duna Program (mods)

(No Craft File)


Thor, Big-Daddy 

(No Craft File, my first Mun Mission!)



 UFO mk10 (mods)





 UFO Rover-Shell (mods)



Single Stage to Orbit


 A-Wing (mods)

(included with Spaceplanes Plus Planes)


Eagle (mods)

(heavy lifter, included with Spaceplanes Plus Planes)


Enterprise (mods)

(ssto shuttle)


Enterprise B

(heavy lifter, improvement on the Eagle design)


Enterprise C

(heavy lifter, merger of the Pelican and Enterprise SSTOs)


 Firehawk Booster / Jeben’eye Shuttle

100% Reusable Space System


 Flying Wing (mods)

(included with Spaceplanes Plus Planes)



(large module lifter, includes S.S.T.O. Space Station)


RESP Satellite Drone (mods)

(included with Spaceplanes Plus Planes)


 UFO mk10 (mods)



 UFO mk11





 Fly-Again ENERGY



 Buran Energia Replica



 Kerbin Shuttle



 Goliath Shuttle

(Heavy Lift Reusable Shuttle, 8-16 Ton Payloads!)


 Mantis-II Mini-Shuttle

(Cheap, Safe Crew Transport Shuttle)


 Monopropellant Shuttle (depreciated, incompatible)



 Scuttle Shuttle



 SpaceShipMe Suborbital Tour (depreciated, incompatible)



 SpaceShipMe-II Suborbital Tour



 Space Shuttle STS Replica





 Kerbal Space Station K.S.S.



 S.S.T.O. (Single Stage To Orbit) Station

(included with Pelican)