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Suggest a topic for my Bite-Size Tutorials series here, or on any of my YouTube videos.

Please check this list of what is already SUGGESTED.

Thanks for Watching!


    • chris.munoz@gmail.com

      Thanks Colton! Absolutely will. I was thinking 5 tips ‘with’ VTOLS so i could spend a tip or two talking about construction, center of mass, action groups for engines and several tips talking about controlling them 😀 Thanks for taking the time, love the suggestion

    • chris.munoz@gmail.com

      Colton, I’d like to once again thank you for posting your request. I’m almost done with 5 Tips With VTOLs I’d expect it online by the end of the week. Thanks for Watching!

    • chris.munoz@gmail.com

      Thanks for your suggestion Mario 😀 I’ve never played with FAR, but I have many friends who enjoy it. I’m not opposed on doing a vid about FAR but I’d need to toy with it myself a bit. I’ll add it to the list for sure.

      Air Hogging is an interesting idea, I ALMOST covered it as one of the items on “5 More Unconventional Uses for Parts” so it might end up in the next Unconventional episode… but i could also see it working as a component of a SSTO specific video.

      Thanks much for the suggestions! and as always THANKS for watching!
      -Chris Munoz

      PS: I’m from Missoula, Montana (USA) and am living on the Washington Cost currently

  1. Eric

    Maybe an updated space shuttle replica and tutorial with the new mk3 parts added in the beta than ever update

    Love your videos by the way, they are really helpful and fun to watch

    • chris.munoz@gmail.com

      Thanks MUCH for your comment Eric. I was wondering if I should revisit shuttles now with the new tools or if it was unnecessary. Been toying with a new bigger shuttle replica actually 😀 hopefully it turns out

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